Which Used Alfa Romeo is for you?

When it comes to buying a car there is a large number of factors you need to take into consideration when choosing which car will best suit your lifestyle. When conducting your research it would be best for you to write down the answers to some important questions. This should help you to figure out which is the best option for you to choose. Some of the best questions to ask yourself need to relate to the following; Budget, fuel cost, road tax, what will the car be used for, number of passengers, insurance bracket and boot space.
There are several Alfa Romeo’sAlfa_Romeo_logo_evolution to choose from, as long as this Italian design is the choice of manufacturer you have chosen, and I am just going to give you some information regarding some of their most popular models to help you decide which used Alfa Romeo is for you.

If the Alfa Romeo 156 is the model that seems to be taking your fancy there are a few things you need to take into consideration when making your purchase. Firstly if your budget is towards the lower end of the scale then a Used Alfa Romeo 156 will be the best fit for you. As it is an older model you are far more likely to pick one up for a cheaper cost than the likes of the newer models, such as the Giulietta or Mito.
As with most Alfa Romeo’s they don’t tend to be suitable cars for families, based on the available room in the rear. If you have children over the age of twelve then it is unlikely the leg room available will be sufficient.

If you love the Alfa Romeo design but have a keen eye on a cars safety then having a look at the Mito would be a suitable option. The reason I say this is because it has achieved a 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating, meaning that there is a less chance of serious injury if you were ever to get into a crash. I do understand that the Mito is a fairly new car so the starting cost is roughly around £12,000 however if you were to look at a Second Hand Alfa Romeo Mito you may be able to pick one up around the £7,000 mark.

Of all the models manufactured by Alfa Romeo the most suitable for a small family is the GT. The GTalfa_romeo_gt-pic-49174 model does benefit from having a roomy five-seat cabin that will cater for two or three young children in the rear, providing you choose the saloon option.  The official MPG for the GT range from 22.8-45.6 MPG, dependent on the engine size you choose. Always take into consideration the cost of fuel when looking for a car as a car with a low MPG, like the Alfa Romeo GT does, will end up costing you a sizeable amount extra over the course of your ownership.

In the past Alfa Romeo has been renowned for poor reliability with a high number of breakdowns and repairs. This left a real bad taste in customers mouths however with some of their latest models Alfa Romeo have really addressed this problem. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has roughly an 88% pass rate on MOT’s which toughens the argument that they really have addressed durability problems. There is the possibility that you may find a few more problems with a Used Alfa Romeo Giulietta but you have to keep in mind there is always a higher risk of problems with a used car than if you bought from new.

When looking at the different Alfa Romeo’s available one question you should ask yourself is ‘What will I be using this car for?’. Now if the answer in anyway features the words fun, cool, show-stopper or weekend car then look no further than the Spider. The Spider has been beautifully designed and oozes elegance. There are several choices of engine available with this model. Whether you buy a new or Second Hand Alfa Romeo Spider the model does tend to fall into the more expensive insurance groups. It is also an expensive car to run so it is not practical to be your everyday run-around car but as mentioned earlier if you’re looking for a fun, weekend car that will gently stroke your ego then have a look into this future classic.

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