Volvo XC90

SUV fans will be excited for the coming years as there are many 4x4s in the pipeline and they are looking promising. One is the Volvo XC90 which you can expect to see by next summer, it is expected to cost around £45,875 so it isn’t a cheap option! Whilst it carries on the XC90 name, this second generation model is expected to be a complete re-hash which will make the car stronger and safer than before, despite is being lighter. It will also come with some new engines to choose from, all of which are supposedly more efficient than the XC90 previous engines, there will even be a 360bhp plug in hybrid engine.

Another interesting SUV expected to hit the market in 2016 comes from Alfa and is expected to enter the market as a rival to the BMW X3, we aren’t sure what they are going to call it yet but sources say it will have a turbocharged V6 engine as well as a range of brand new range of petrol and diesel engines. It is apparently all part of an effort to help pick up Alfas sales.

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