Used Cadillac Cars

Cadillac isn’t a model you instantly associate with the UK car market and is a manufacturer I personally associate with rich Americans who can afford the Escalade. Unfortunately the Cadillac has not taken off over here despite being a popular manufacturer in other countries.

From the numerous models made available by Cadillac there only seems to be three of their models that have any real numbers for sale across the UK used car market and there are only a limited number of them too.

The BLS is Cadillac’s attempt at a medium-sized saloon. They have been designed and built with similar components to the Saab 9-3. The Saab 9-3 has a lot in common with the Vauxhall Vectra which would suggest the BLS has been developed to the tastes of a European market, not an American market. The outcome of the BLS was it was dull to drive and it looked and felt dated inside. This alongside the fact the Cadillac’s dealer network was tiny resulted in the discontinuation of the BLS model back in 2010 which means if this car does actually tickle your fancy then you will only be able to purchase a Used Cadillac BLS.

The Cadillac CTS is another medium-sized saloon that has been designed to feel pretty comfortable when driving. Just like the BLS the CTS was discontinued in 2010 so is only available as a Used Cadillac CTS. Despite some handling deficiencies it does seem to remove bumps in the road without a fluster but unfortunately the model just doesn’t make any sense financially because it’ll cost you a lot to run the car and there are better cars of the same ilk from Cadillac’s competitors.


The final model is the Cadillac SRX which, like the previous two models I mentioned, has been discontinued in the UK but actually a year before the other two models in 2009. Once again you can only obtain this car as a Used Cadillac SRX. When initially brought to the UK the SRX was seen as an early American take on the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML. The early UK versions were actually left-hand drives with only a V8 engine as an option. It’s a pretty impressive package Cadillac have mustered up with the SRX, barring a little poor refinement at high revs. It certainly stands out as a premium SUV but again the running costs let this model down compared with their other competitors on the UK car market.

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