Rolls-Royce Phantom Car Review

Rolls-Royce’s Phantom faces stiff competition at the quarter million pound mark in the car market. Since the split of Rolls and Bentley, buyers have a choice to make. The choice is an easy one if you have unlimited funds and want to make a statement with style and class.

BMW’s approach to building a ‘new’ company from the bottom up in such a short time will make automotive history. The results of these efforts was the Phantom, a car that took traditional Rolls styling and combined it with modern contemporary technology and design.

The Phantom can not be thought about in the same way as a conventional luxury saloon. The question here is whether the Phantom feels expensive and luxurious enough to justify its high price tag. Cars like the Phantom are not meant to be practical purchases, and are often compared to other luxury goods such as boats and aircraft. Rolls-Royce usually doesn’t have any problem justifying the price.

The Phantom boasts less than 1,000 built per year and is a low volume car. The car’s exterior styling is pure Rolls-Royce, but the view from the front is a modern interpretation of the classic grille. The car’s interior is both traditional and modernized as well with all the usual high quality wood and leather treatments present.

The driving experience is nothing less than amazing for a car of this type. BMW’s 6.75-litre V12 engine has plenty of power to meet driving needs whether it calls for speed or comfort. The car delivers effortlessly. The car delivers a quality ride with impressive power and the steering delivers excellent feedback. Enthusiastic drivers should be careful when cornering too hard because the car will roll quite a bit.a fair bit.

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The Phantom will be a very expensive purchase. Fuel economy is in the mid teens and insurance rates will high as well. The car should prove to be reliable with proven BMW technology being used. The original asking price and cost-options will be the bulk of expenses. This car is not for people who are on a budget.

The Phantom is very spacious by luxury four-door saloons standards. A huge rear cabin provides more than ideal levels of comfort. The car’s seats are supportive and make long journeys delightful. There are numerous creature comforts included that make traveling in the Phantom even more enjoyable. The car’s boot is large enough to store luggage and other larger items.

The main dials manage to combine a more traditional look with modern technology. The central colour display, which is located behind a wood fascia panel until it’s needed. BMW’s iDrive controller helps drivers navigate through the display. The iDrive takes some getting used to and a little time to learn. The electric seat controls could have been easier to use.

The car’s large comfortable front seats are supportive and well shaped. The front passengers also enjoy plenty of headroom and legroom. Rear passengers are well catered for too with enough room to literally stretch out. The cabin successfully suppresses most outside noise and keeps the cabin atmosphere quiet and relaxed.

Due to the tall nature of the car accessibility is excellent. The car’s large front doors open wide allowing unhindered access to the cabin. The rear ‘suicide’ style doors open out also allowing unhindered access to the rear seats. The A unique feature allows drivers to open the rear doors remotely via a button. Eliminating the need to open them by hand. The boot is accessible by remote release as well, and the boot boasts a low load lip.

The Phantom will require some care when parking. The car is large and will require enough space, but the car’s lofty driving position and light steering make the task a lot easier. Parking sensors are a good idea and may make the task even easier.

Life Style

The Phantom was not designed to be a performance car, but it does deliver an enjoyable ride. The car’s 6.75-litre V12 petrol motor is quiet at normal speeds but  emits a low rumble when worked hard. The Phantom delivers a stable, quiet ride despite its large size. Other than slight wind noise the cabin is quiet, and the auto gearbox changes gears smoothly.

The Phantom makes a very good family car. It’s large and spacious interior coupled with the high levels of comfort that are provided make it an excellent family vehicle. The car also offers numerous audio-visual options and a large boot. The down-side would be mixing children with the car’s expensive leather and wood trimmings.

This is not a first car. Even if a new driver could afford the car, the car’s physical size and performance potential would make it impractical. The car’s high asking price, high insurance rates, high running costs, and potential for theft make it an even worse choice as a first car.

The Phantom’s build quality is top-notch, from the finish of the wood trims or the quality of the leather upholstery. The Rolls-Royce image and breand is revered around the world.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Security and Safety

The car comes equipped with remote central locking and anti-theft devices. However, the Phantom is a distinctive and desirable car, and a good tracking device may be a wise investment.

The car comes with a whole line of airbags. The Phantom’s spaceframe structure is strong enough to withstand most impacts. The car also provides the usual electronic safety devices.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a wide range of audio equipment. In standard trim, a fascia panel hides the car’s main digital display, while a version of BMW’s iDrive is hidden in the central armrest. The system delivers excellent sound quality. DVD players plus rear screens and all manner of audio upgrades are available as cost options.

The quality of the fit and finish offered is excellent. The Phantom is the result of a largely hand assembled and finished process. The core range of materials on offer can be exchanged for pretty much whatever the buyer desires and can afford.


When your product is compared to boats, planes and vacation homes you know you are in a league of your own. The Phantom offers buyers an excellent vehicle that boasts superb quality and workmanship. The Phantom will attract almost everyone’s attention. Drivers will enjoy the power on offer and passengers will enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the ride. The Phantom is not for everyone but if your interested BuyYourRollsRoyce will be able to help you out, it is a reserved statement for the wealthy and successful elite.

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