Read Up And Save The Pennies

Driving is an essential aspect of life for the vast majority of us in the UK. Many of us would not be able to go about our day to day lives as we do if it were not for the automobiles we own. Without them people would struggle to get to work, pick the kids up from school and even get the weekly food shop in. However, unfortunately there is no getting around the fact that it costs an awful lot of money to own, maintain and drive a car.

So the question is: how do you make savings on your driving costs?

Many people have no idea what they should be doing, so at 800MotorHead we have made a list of our top ways to save on your motoring.


Morning Fill, Cut Your Bill

We had a read of a blog at AZ Auto and they agree that one of the best ways to cut costs on your driving is through fuel – the price of the stuff has become extortionate over the past 10 years – and by filling up first thing in the morning you can achieve this. Take your Honda Accord down to the garage when the fuel is at its coolest, because throughout the day the heat causes it to expand which means when you fill up you won’t get the full amount that you pay for.


how-to-reduce-fuel-consumptionSmaller Is Cheaper

Another way to save, again through fuel, is to buy a smaller vehicle with a smaller engine. Smaller cars require less fuel and as such you won’t be visiting the petrol station as often. For example Jaguar XK uses a lot more fuel than Suzuki Alto.


MOT & Servicing

This is another area where many people do not think about saving money. The standard protocol for most people is to take their Renault Koleos or Toyota Corolla down to the nearest garage and accept a quoted price without questioning it. Well thanks to now you can compare garages in your local area and find the best deals for your wheels. Their online comparison form takes just a few minutes to fill in and could end up saving you £££s for years to come.


ecocarGreener Is Cleaner

Another fact that goes unnoticed by a surprisingly large number of motorists is that the level of CO2 your vehicle emits directly determines the amount of road tax you pay. By opting for a greener car you will be preserving the environment and saving yourself some money.

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