Popular Audi Saloon Cars

When looking at a Saloon model there are a lot of factors to take into account when choosing your model. Audi have a big selection of saloon models to consider when making your choose and dependent on what you are looking for may determine the most suitable model for you. Some of the factors to take into consideration are:

  • Diesel or Petrol?
  • Space requirements
  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Running costs
  • Handling
  • Which spec is best?

If you ask yourselves these questions, when doing your research, then the model which is best for yourself should become blatantly obvious.

The Audi A4 has not been heavily praised for its ride so any current owners are probably more concerned with the overall image, rather than the quality of the drive. If you are interested in the drive then a BMW 3 Series would probably be more suitable. The interior is spacious and well designed to accommodate for small families. The A4 model has been around for roughly 20 years, meaning there is plenty of them on the roads and you a more likely to spot a Used Audi A4 than a new A4.

The Audi A5 is a practical and stylish saloon which features four doors and a spacious boot compared to the other styles available in the A5 range. The four-cylinder diesel engine makes this model perfect for drivers who a regularly making long haul journeys. The stop-start technology has also recently been implemented as another piece of fuel-saving equipment. You will not find this included in the earlier versions of the model, so if this makes the A5 attractive to you be sure to check if it’s available when looking at a Second Hand Audi A5.

The Audi A6 was launched to compete against the likes of the BMW 5 Series as well as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Jaguar XF.audi-a6-45 The A6 is impressive on the road providing terrific comfort, ride and refinement alongside very little noise. A five-star rating from Euro NCAP should settle any nerves regarding safety with which Audi have taken the utmost care with, including the likes of six airbags and seatbelt warning buzzers. With a safety score like that you should be safe in the knowledge of investing in either a new or Used Audi A6.

Now the A7 is classed as a hatchback however it was designed to hedge the gap between the A6 and the A8 so I thought it deserved a mention. It is a large executive hatchback that laps up motorway miles with ease. The interior does seem like it has been taken from the A6 to provide it with that luxurious feel. The luxury of this model is reflected in the price. Be prepared to pay a big price whether that be from new or if you’re looking at Used Audi A7’s. From new expect to pay anything from £40,000 or used you will be lucky to find anything under £25,000.

The Audi A8 is a full size luxury car that offers all the refinement and technology you could ask for. It has one of the classiest cabins around featuring a high-tech and stylish interior while also providing effortless performance alongside impressive economy. Whether you are looking at a new or Used Audi A8 the quality of car you will be buying is quality. It will cost you a pretty penny to buy, especially if you are keen on extras when buying from new however the A8 is a masterpiece of technology. The comfort, ride and handling are superb and the quality of materials used to make this model have been raised to compete against the likes of luxury you associate with a Bentley.

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