Leasing BMW Cars

The leasing of a car can sometimes be more appealing to customers who like to change their cars every few years. Leasing agreements are never for longer than three years enabling the customer to feel that new car excitement every 2/3 years, dependant on the length of the lease contract.

BMW offer the option to lease their cars from new, obviously as long as the car is still in production. Then at the end of the lease it will be down to BMW to sell on the car and you won’t have that hassle hanging over you when looking for your next car.

There are lots of different BMW models to choose from when looking for the perfect lease car to suit your needs. I know myself two people who have a lease BMW and all of them are very happy with their choice.

A friend of mine has a Lease BMW 3 Series Touring and chose this model because of the large load bay that is practical for his surfboards when he takes his monthly trips to the coast. He is also able to take advantage of the models strong performance, brilliant economy and fine handling on the journey. I myself have never been into water sports but my friend has had a passion for surfing since his parents took him to the seaside as a youngster. This model is perfect to transport all the gear he requires for surfing however it is also a practical family car used for ferrying his children to and from school.

The other person I know to have a lease BMW model is my Auntie. My Auntie was looking for a new car because my cousins are now both old enough to drive themselves and don’t need my Auntie to take them everywhere. She has been looking for a more fashionable model than her Ford Focus and wanted something with a bit more power. After looking at her options through leasing she had her eyes set on a Lease BMW 6 Series Coupe. bm 6 series coupeThe 6 Series provided her with a classy and comfortable cabin and the choice of engines available made her excited to give it a test drive. She found that the diesel model was particularly impressive, managing to combine strong performance with a decent economy of just over 50 MPG. However, despite really liking the car, it just wasn’t clicking for her and she still wanted to have a look at other options. This is when the sales manager at the garage mentioned the convertible model. When she learned she could have pretty much the same car but driving around with the roof down she was pretty much sold from that point. Now she did go and test drive the convertible and after hearing the great noise the engine makes she signed pen to paper on a Contract Hire BMW 6 Series Convertible that very same day and still has no regrets about her choice fourteen months into her three year lease.

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